[kʊki pɑkət] noun

  1. a pocket, commonly found in a jacket or coat, that is used on a specific occasion for the storage of cookies to be consumed at a later time, usually while on the go.
  2. a blog cultivated by two best friends, Sarah and Kim.
  3. an all-around good idea.

Origin: 2009, in The Netherlands, by the writers of this blog.
Details on our FAQ page.

– – –

Sarah & Kim met in high school while hiding in the locker room to escape physical activity. Five minutes into their first conversation they made plans to play video games and drink chocolate milk together.

They have been best friends for almost 20 years! That makes for a big collection of shared stories, inside jokes, embarrassments, triumphs, tragedies, and awkward moments. A collection that could graduate from high school and vote.

Three words that describe both Sarah & Kim: Feminist1, Childfree2, Nerdfighter3. Or alternatively, Tina Belcher Fangirls.

Cookiepocket.org is a place to post the good stuff from the week: lists, lessons, recipes, comments on pop culture and current events, and the general promotion of things that are helpful, interesting, cute, and/or fun. We post every Friday with a week’s worth of our favs.

About Sarah

Sarah lives in Dallas, Texas with her Dutch Husband4, in a house she loves even though it’s under perpetual construction. She’s a Happiness Engineer at Automattic5 and would never brag about not owning a television. She’s a Janeite6, Browncoat7, Ravenclaw8, and if she’s addicted to anything, it’s every election cycle9. She loves to read YA and feminist-friendly romance10 and vague-tweet about shocking moments on her favorite shows.

She’s on Twitter & Instagram & writes about her job, current events, cute stuff, pop culture, women in tech, favorite things, and more at sarahblackstock.com.

She likes:

  • Tina Belcher & Veronica Mars & Buffy Summers,
  • Singing along to Taylor Swift in the car,
  • Made-for-TV movies on the Lifetime & Hallmark channels, &
  • Cold brewed iced coffee.

About Kim

Kim lives in Austin, Texas with her Trusted Source11 and her dog envy. She hopes to one day cook like a pro and own a piano she may or may not be able to play. She’s a pluviophile12, perpetual organizer, and aspiring dog whisperer13 who loves movies, prefers tea14, and always says “yes” to an invitation to travel.

She’s on Twitter & Instagram and shares her thoughts on life lessons, movies, food and more on owlpacino.org.

She likes:

1 Person who supports equality between the sexes.
2 Person who chooses not to have children.
3 Person who is made of awesome and a member of Nerdfighteria.
4 Super smart & funny 6’6″ software developer from The Netherlands.
5 The super awesome company behind WordPress.com. I loooove my job.
6 Janeites: The Curious American Cult of Jane Austen
7 A fan of the space-western, Firefly (and Captain Reynolds).
8 House at Hogwarts School with members characterized by their wit and wisdom.
9 2016 is so soon, y’all!
10 See: Sarah MacLean & Victoria Dahl.
11 Perpetually interesting video game enthusiast who collects records & loves trivia.
12 Someone who finds joy and peace of mind on a rainy day.
13 One who communicates easily with packs of adorable dogs.
14 See Adagio Teas for weekly deals. Their Oolong teas are great!