I took some days off work this week to regroup & refresh. I haven’t exactly been in high spirits lately due to work stress and while I’ve been trying to stay focused on making positive changes, that doesn’t always work out.

Austin was hit with some major rainfall this week too, causing floods.

But the water subsided enough for my partner and I to take a break and drive to Houston to visit family & friends. I shopped for some vintage wedding accessories with a friend who is getting married next year, and cuddled with my three-month-old nephew, AKA my favorite baby. Other than that, I fought off the melancholy by binge-watching A LOT of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix. I am seven seasons in, and here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  • No one will ever go through more horrific ordeals than Meredith Grey. It’s simply not possible.
  • Getting lost in Jesse Williams’ eyes can be an actual occupational hazard.
  • Cristina Yang is amazing and her friendship with Meredith is one of my favorite depictions of best friends on TV. I’m lucky enough to have a BFF IRL, so I know it’s a complex relationship that goes much deeper than borrowing each other’s clothes.


I’ve also continued to enjoy the Olympics this week. (Psst, Sarah’s recommendation to google “Nathan Adrian body issue” is still one of her top three suggestions ever.)

Finally, if you have a soft spot for animated shows like I do, I highly recommend Gravity Falls. This silly, mystery cartoon is the most fun, heartfelt show I have ever seen, and one of the things helping me stay hopeful lately.

I’m off for more quality Mabel time. ❤

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