A woman has been nominated to be President of the United States! We’re watching important history happen and I’m so excited. I basically stayed glued to the Democratic National Convention every day all week, and really appreciated the wide range of speakers and of course I very much loved Michelle Obama’s fantastic speech. If you missed any of it and want to catch up, PBS News Hour’s YouTube channel has got you covered. And if you haven’t seen it yet, the video that played after Chelsea Clinton’s speech (right before Hillary came out to accept the nomination) is fantastic.

It’s an exciting time! And also scary (see: Trump, Donald).


  • I tried Blue Apron for a week and ended up with three tasty meals (shared on my Instagram). I’m going to do a few more weeks and then do a full review on my blog. I’ve already had some slight food issues and have a complaint to lodge about a specific item, so I promise it’ll be honest. 😉
  • I’m a big Jessica Brody fan, both because her novels read like movies and because she shares lots of helpful writing tips: 5 Things About Being a Published Author I Wish I Knew at the Start of My Career.
  • The new episodes of Gilmore Girls are going up November 25. CLEAR YOUR CALENDARS!

All in all, last week was a great one. And since I’m a bit late posting this, I can tell you this week isn’t going nearly as well. Did you see Trump yell at a baby today? And oh yeah, insult military families? Yikes.

Happy August, Cookie-pals! 2016 is flying, so make sure you’re doing things you want to do and not just letting it pass you by.

DNC Photos Credit: Disney ABC on Flickr

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