There is absolutely no way you missed the news of the awful mass shooting in Orlando last week, so I won’t recap it here. However, I must take a moment to say a few things:

Call, call, call your representatives. Don’t just tweet at them or subtweet about them. Send letters and leave messages. Use your voice. They track that and NRA members are really good at calling. (Yes, the phone sucks, but mass shootings being the norm sucks more. Let’s make change!) See The Daily Beast’s This is Your Representative on Guns for information on how your reps have voted on past gun legislation and how to contact them.

Also: “Tepid smugness” is a really great descriptor and Senator Murphy is great. (If he’s yours, support him!)

(One fun note from filibuster: The Senate’s Candy Desk!)

And if you’re a political/media nerd like me, this view of how The New York Times changed their page as the news of the shooting came out, this is great:


Did you catch O.J.: Made in America on ESPN recently? It’s brilliant narrative nonfiction in miniseries form and about so much more than O.J. Simpson. I especially liked Part Two with all of the background information on racial tensions in Los Angeles and how they framed the time.

I paid attention to the arrest and trial, as much as a 12-year-old could, but I’d forgotten so much about the case and learned so many things I never knew. I highly recommend it! (Although be warned: Some parts are exceptionally tough to watch and there are some truly awful photos from the crime scene.)


I made a shower! (Or, at least, I picked things out & paid people to.)

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A real shower!

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And it’s officially the best shower of my life thus far, so the time, effort, work, stress, and money of a full bathroom remodel have turned out to be WORTH IT. I’m going to share full details on my blog soon, if you’re into that sort of thing.


Take care of yourselves. It’s been a tough week and we’re sure to face another soon. I wish that wasn’t true.

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