Week of 20 May 2016

Y’ALL. The other half of Cookiepocket is driving to Dallas to visit me for the weekend. Like, she’s about to start driving right now! 😀 I took off work today because I started feeling bad last night, and my throat started hurting a few hours ago, but WHATEVER. We’ve been planning this for a few months and I will pretend to feel well and have a lovely time and then recover Monday night after she leaves.

We snagged tickets to see the lawyers from Making a Murderer on their tour on Sunday at the Majestic Theatre. And will basically spend the rest of the time rotating between favorite food places and talking a whole bunch. Also, there may be games.


From a group text between me, my sister, and my mom.


Ha! I guess my mom hasn’t seen the show…


The Buffy finale aired 13 years ago today! Which, first of all, is sort of shocking because I’m old enough to clearly remember my finale watching plans for a show that ended how long ago?! Whoa. (My mom and I watched Buffy every Tuesday night together, in the time before DVRs and next-day streaming, when you had to watch TV live or miss it. It was Appointment. Television. for us and we always rushed our family through dinner and cleanup on Tuesdays to make sure we could make it to the couch in time.)

So, now’s a good time to read “10 episodes that show how Buffy The Vampire Slayer blew up genre TV” because Buffy  is one of the best things to have ever happened to television. ❤


This person played with their new Ghostbusters action figures in the best way possible:

There are so many tweets similar to this one and they are fantastic. And those Lady Ghostbusters are so badass! 🙂


I don’t understand WHAT or WHY this is happening, but if you missed the GOP’s Senate Squad video, here, BEHOLD:


Have you listened to Hamilton yet? (If you’ve seen it, I sort of hate you, so don’t tell me.) Because:


And since I mentioned politics (as usual)…

Dear America:


Happy weekend!

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