Sooooooooooooooooooo. This week Donald Trump became the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party and I basically feel like maybe we’re living in Idiocracy a little bit?

Idiocracy I like money gif

So, brace yourselves:

Idiocracy president gif

(If you haven’t seen Idiocracy before. WATCH IT. Mike Judge knows what’s what. Heh heh.)


In other Very American news, I saw Captain America: Civil War today and remain #TeamCap. I wondered if I was rooting for the wrong side for a few minutes at one point, but overall really, I really, really wanted Cap & Bucky to be successful. (Also, no thank you to RDJ/Iron Man and his bullshit.)

At one point when they’re discussing signing on to be governed by the United Nations or not, Cap brings up political motives within the UN possibly sending them into fights they wouldn’t want to fight (or stopping them from helping where they want), and worries about their choice being taken away.

For a moment it felt very…

Peggy Carter Feminism gif

Basically, Cap is pro-choice. 😉

That, plus the government laughing at the idea of allowing arrested superheroes access to lawyers and their epic BFF-dom, kept me rooting for Steve & Bucky & friends.




OMG. Season two of Grace and Frankie is on Netflix. ARE YOU WATCHING? It’s such a great show. I surprised Kim a few months ago when we were talking about how neither of us are approaches-celebrities-we-I types, with possibly an exception or two, and my exception: Lily Tomlin. (Watch Big Business immediately.) If I saw her somewhere and there was any way to approach her without being the most annoying person on the planet, I WOULD. You know this is serious because while I would be intrigued by seeing someone like George Clooney in person, I wouldn’t stare/follow/approach at all. But heeeeeeeeeey, Lily!

One really awesome and important thing about Grace and Frankie is as simple as the leads being two women in their seventies. And how the episodes don’t revolve around their kids and grandkids constantly, but their own actual lives as full, real people. It’s fantastic and it doesn’t hurt that the two women are played by such amazing icons.


I’m generally not a big J.Lo person, but appreciate the sentiment and like the characters she plays of women in different decades. It’s really the same ol’ shit, huh?


SpaceX successfully landed Falcon 9 on their droneship again. And they shared great photos here. We live in amazing times. Rockets! And Space! Mars, here we come! (Eventually.)


Anyway! Important tweet:

See you there, Cookie-pals. 😀

2 thoughts on “Week of 6 May 2016

  1. Lily Tomlin’s brand of giving no shits is so inspiring! I’m putting Big Business on my list. On G&F she manages to make almost EVERY line she says hilarious. It’s a tour de force.


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