I got a Kindle Voyage this week after Kim told me she got one and said in her tiny time owning it that it was a nice upgrade. I had the cheapest Kindle before, which I liked fine, but I’d been wanting one with both e-paper and a built-in light for a while and half a book in, it’s proven to be a good buy. Basically: I can read in bed easily without having to read on my phone or deal with a book light, so it’s a win.


My new favorite Instagram account:

A dog wears a GoPro at the dog park and look at the photos!

They look so happy and friendly and I love it.


Another amazing thing: OMG! SPACEX! I LOVE YOU! This is so amazing it looks fake:

They’ve shared lots of great photos on the SpaceX Flickr.


This analysis of film dialogue by gender is really solid and sad and takes the assumption that white men dominate movie roles and shows us just how true that it is.


Annnnnd you’ve Powerpuffed Yourself, right?


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