Welcome to April! A new month is a great time to try some new things. My SO is leaving for his first overseas trip ever tomorrow. He’s off to Ireland and I think he’s anxited (a word I just made up meaning “anxiously excited”). 😀

Here are few other new things making life a bit more fun recently that I would recommend trying out:

  1. Cook Smarts – An affordable, easy meal plan service that gives you access to hundreds of practical recipes and custom grocery lists. It has saved us money and time for two weeks now.
  2. Bose noise cancelling headphones – These came HIGHLY recommended for anyone going on a long plane flight, and seem well worth the purchase if you can afford the investment.
  3. Working at Automattic – Sarah often recommends this, but I am not only the BFF of an Automattician – My SO landed a job there a couple months ago too & he’s loving it!

My favorite thing this week: The Flash guest starring on this week’s episode of Supergirl. So fun and adorable.

I had my yearly physical this week, which again reminded me why a year’s worth of prescription contraceptives needs to be law.

An Interesting read on the ongoing Presidential Primary from stats expert, Nate Silver: It’s Really Hard to Get Bernie Sanders 988 More Delegates.

I’m taking a few vacation days, my mom is visiting, and later next week, Sarah will be in Austin! I’m obviously looking forward to the laughing.

I hope you also have plenty to look forward to this week!

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