I made a quick trip to San Jose, California this week to speak at the Nonprofit Technology Conference’s WordPress Day about social media & WordPress. (Slides & notes here.) It was my first tech-y talk ever, and it went really well. Also someone drew me!


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is out and uhhhhh, the reviews aren’t all great. I mean, whoa: “Zack Snyder’s superhero spectacle is a meatheaded, humourless mess that squanders its cast and makes little sense.” I was mostly looking forward to seeing Wonder Woman, but apparently “it judo-sweeps the feet out from under every woman in sight” which sounds less than ideal, obviously. :/


Joshua Malina, who played Will Bailey on The West Wing (one of the greatest shows since television happened), started a podcast recently, called The West Wing Weekly, that will recap every single episode of the show. Only one episode is posted so far, so it’s the perfect time to subscribe and follow along.




Mindy is back soon (April 12!) and this is a reason I’m excited:


Also, YES:

Happy weekend! I’m about to eat my favorite pizza, so mine is kicking off just right. 😀

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