It’s been rainy this past week in Dallas, but when it’s clear, the weather is warm and delightful. It seems as if winter never quite arrived and we’ve skipped straight into the best time of year here. I’m hoping to make it out to Texas Tulips this year, a tulip farm run by a Dutch family about an hour away.


Are you on the Hamilton bandwagon yet? I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve listened to it many times. And Lin-Manuel Miranda is lovely, brilliant, fantastic, and worth supporting. This Grantland interview is great: Genius: A Conversation With ‘Hamilton’ Maestro Lin-Manuel Miranda.


Did you catch the new Captain America: Civil War trailer this week? Because:

hold onto your butts gif

Am I supposed to be anything other than #TeamCap? Because he’s great, he stands by his BFF, and Black Widow is on his side. (Also it appears as if he’ll kick Iron Man’s ass, which I am totally and completely for.) Do not disappoint me, movie!


Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited the States this week, and helloooooooooo, Trubama:

I ship it. They gave great toasts.


And finally, please enjoy the goats wearing sweaters:

Treat yourselves well, Cookie-pals. Maybe eat cake for dinner.

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