It’s March! This should be a good month. The 80 degree weather we’ve been having in Texas since January won’t feel so much like an omen of climate doom, Sarah Andersen’s book (which I preordered) is shipping out on March 8th, and President & Michelle Obama will be in town for SXSW, which I have mixed feelings about due to the presidential traffic that’s coming with the First Couple.

Trying to represent in film women that I know, women that I understand, complicated women, women that are inside of me — that became my mission.

I didn’t watch the Oscars on Sunday, but I did catch up on social media throughout the night. There was A LOT to comment on, so I’ll just say, good for Brie Larson! And the fashion was on point:

Overall, I agreed with Sarah on Leo’s win and was happy to see a movie about journalism take the top prize. If you haven’t seen Spotlight, please do so immediately. It is a fantastic, important film.

Super Tuesday happened this week, so again we were all reminded that voting is important. As usual, Twitter provided the best commentary on the GOP side:

In much more hopeful news, Scott Kelly and crew returned to Earth this week after a #YearinSpace of exploration, amazing photos, and very little gravity.

Big cases are coming up for our eight-person Supreme Court soon and this week SCOTUS started hearing arguments to repeal HB2 – a Texas law that has forced the shutdown of over half the women’s health clinics in the state. There are other states pending similar laws, so this decision has huge potential impact for millions of US women. Samantha Bee did a great job covering the topic this week:

To follow case progress and testimony on Twitter: #StoptheSham

This week, I recommend checking out:
1. Something to get excited about: The new Ghostbusters trailer
2. A very good read: Aziz Ansari’s visit to India
3. Good music from Texas: The Suffers

Hope March is starting off good for you!

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