I went to Ghent, Belgium last year while I was in The Netherlands visiting family. It’s a port city of about 250,000 people and very walkable. There’s even 12th-century castle for you to tour. If you get the chance to visit, I’d recommend it. Smaller European cities are nice to see too. I shared a few more photos here.

I’ve started ripping apart my master bathroom and getting scary estimates on the work needed to put it back together. I’m scared/excited and I’m blogging it as I go. I also made a Pinterest board of ideas/inspiration:

This is amazing:

I mean, WTF at that guy. Their reactions are the best.

Speaking of WTF-ery… If the Republican Primary is making you think Kasich is a moderate who’s being overshadowed by the loud, obnoxious, bickering amongst the rest of the candidates (not counting Ben Carson, who probably has eyeballs painted on his eyelids so he can nap), here’s your reminder that he’s not:


Does this corgi have social media? Because I want to subscribe.

Hope you end February on a high note! 😀

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