We’re only about a month into 2016 and already big changes are happening! My work team is restructuring, so I’ve been working late most days. Leaving campus after sunset makes for nice views (see above) but I am VERY ready to relax this weekend. My SO landed a great new job (here’s a hint, if you’re curious.) so we’ve been feeling inspired to start looking for a new house. Our current place is comfortable, but a little short on space.


Since I’ve required a lot of coffee lately, I decided to invest in the coolest, most environmentally safe coffee press I’ve seen. If I’m stepping up my coffee game, I may also need to snag this beautiful color wheel of coffee flavors for my future new place.

Did you watch The SAG awards last weekend? Because WOW. What an incredible showing of a diverse, inclusive set of nominees and winners in the spotlight!

Also, Idris Elba can WEAR. A. SUIT.

Even Mrs. Clinton’s friends and supporters say that lately she does seem to be raising her voice more than usual.

The Iowa Caucus was earlier this week too, and Hillary Clinton was the target of more sexist criticism. But one of her supporters did not hesitate to raise her own voice in a glorious take-down.

2016-02-03 Bitmoji is still making me laugh and this week #BlueSteelSelfie added an extra layer of hilarity. Zoolander 2 marketing is everywhere, but so far I don’t mind at all.

The Groundhog did not see his shadow on February 2nd, which means people who may not be convinced of Global Warming now know for sure that spring is coming early this year.😉 Other than laughing, I recommend these things from my week:

Finally, if I do move soon, I might consider Baltimore just so I can vote for Deray for mayor! Happy week, Cookie-pals!

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