After my road trip around Arizona a few weeks ago, I ended up in Cave Creek for a week-long meetup with my work team, since we normally work remotely and don’t get to hang out in person. It basically looked like this:

and this:

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Team mani/pedi time! #phoenixinphoenix #a8c

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Plus some cacti and working thrown in. 😉 (We’re always hiring!)

I also recently started a pro-toast website and newsletteras one does.

But enough about me! (Wait, one more thing: Isn’t that very official Toast Ambassador logo the cutest? My toast promo is legit.)

Donald Rumsfeld recently wrote about being involved in creating an app? It’s a mobile game called Churchill Solitaire. While I really want to try it out, I’m not thrilled about any money I may spend on it going to him, because…

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Yeah. He’s not exactly the greatest.

Back to fun things: I’m accidentally obsessed with generating random comics.


love it bitmojiIt’s oddly satisfying. Like peeling chipped nail polish off and communicating via Bitmoji.

And OMG, have you seen the Wonder Woman first look yet? Because heart eyes forever.

The buzz is starting on a very hopeful, positive note! “The fact that this film will be existing alongside [Batman v Superman] gives me a lot of hope that the DC Movieverse will be something more than just dark, gritty ugliness… I want superhero films that run the gamut, and that includes films where hope and peace can win the day, not just anger and violence.” Well said!

Can you believe it’s already the end of January, Cookie-pals? Wow! 2016 is going to be another speedy, fantastic year. 😀

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