We’ve gone full steam ahead into 2016!

I had a good first week back to work after a nice winter break, finally made it to the movies to see one of the best films of the season, and made another big pot of white chicken chili. Mmm…

If you’re still catching up on your 2015 recaps, I highly recommend checking out Sarah’s Year in Review. Now onto plans for another great year!

Maybe our BFF trip is on a train? Is there a train that goes near Mount Rushmore but also actual stuff to do? Or maybe the “do” is just being on the train?

Sarah and I recently decided to start taking an annual BFF trip. Last year, we went to GeekGirlCon in Seattle. We’re already thinking about where to go next. Sarah has been interested in riding a train or visiting Mount Rushmore, hence this recent chat: “Maybe our BFF trip is on a train? Is there a train that goes near Mount Rushmore but also actual stuff to do? Or maybe the “do” is just being on the train?” 🙂 I can’t wait to see if we end up on a train headed somewhere fun this year!

2016-01-07_22-01-11 (1)Have you set your 2016 reading goals yet? Cookiepocket loves books, so we’ll be tracking through Goodreads: My 2016 Reading Challenge & Sarah’s 2016 Reading Challenge.

Sarah posted some excellent tips on how to read more this year and created a page with categories to help track progress & provide reading inspiration. I’ll be tracking along with her, and invite you to join us too!

#StopGunViolence was trending on Twitter this week in response to President Obama’s speech on gun control. It was jarring to see our president crying on television, recounting the violence of the past several years. It feels odd to call it “refreshing” but I was moved by this very human reaction to tragedy.


To end on a lighter note, of course you’ve seen Star Wars: Episode VII, right? Well, I don’t think Hasbro watched the same movie we did before it created the action figures and games for the film, because #WheresRey?! I don’t know how you can leave out a main character and think people aren’t going to notice and be vocally upset about it, but they’ve apparently heard our outcry and responded by adding Rey into the Star Wars Monopoly set she should have been included in already. Will this be enough to remedy all their wrongs? Only time will tell…

May good forces be with you this week, Cookie-pals!

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