Hi, Cookie-pals! We’re re-launching today and are so glad to be back! We’re really into newsletters and lists, so we’re switching gears here and plan to post once weekly, on Fridays, with a big ol’ recap of the week containing all of our favorites & important bits, ranging from pop culture to food recs to current events and beyond.

It finally got cold in Dallas recently (after a pretty epic night of tornadoes and stress), so I’m in full-on cozy by the fireplace, Netflix binging mode. I think I might go mega-moody and re-watch The Fall soon. I shared some tips for making the most of your Netflix profile recently here.

Speaking of Netflix, be honest: On a scale of 1 to reading the Reddit theories, how into Making a Murderer are you? Because WHOA. After watching the entire series, and then reading some info about the case that wasn’t presented in it, I’m not sure of who’s guilty of what or not, but I’m at least confident that our justice system failed, there was some shady shit going down with law enforcement there and that kid’s lawyer is a piece of garbage.

Are you on Instagram? Have you made your #2015bestnine yet? It’s a fun & easy recap of 2015.

Here’s mine:

#2015bestnine for @sarahblackstock on Instagram

And here’s Kim’s:

#2015bestnine for @owlpacinophotos on Instagram

Some other photos favs this year? Pete Souza’s coverage of the Obamas as the Chief Official White House Photographer. This 2015 recap post has some fantastic behind-the-scenes images and great Obama family photos.

Are you planning a daily or weekly project or some other big year-long one for 2016? Why not try setting a reading goal with the Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge? I’m setting mine soon and will share a list of types of books to read (like “a book set in the future,” and “a banned book”) within the coming week on sarahblackstock.com.

Are you ready to make 2016 awesome? I’ve found it much easier to always be good to myself in my thirties, and would love to see more women of all ages managing that too. I’ve shared a few tips to help make that happen here.

Not Afraid of Storms print by Emily McDowell

I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.

Maybe this print, featuring a quote from Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women, made by Emily McDowell can be a good (and pretty!) reminder to keep moving through the tough times that we’ll surely face this year. Happiness isn’t about finding a way to never face adversity, but finding your way through, learning from it, and pushing through. Most of all, I hope you start with being good to yourself and keep learning to sail your ship.

Wishing you love & cookies in 2016. See y’all next Friday!

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